The Mendip Bonsai Studio is honoured to have been offered, and has accepted, the prestigious role of 'The Master Grower' at the 2019 RHS Malvern Spring Show.

The planned display will be an exhibition of Bonsai, with many (British grown Bonsai), (Accent plants), and displays of the items used in the art of Bonsai, along with a large selling area, offering pre-bonsai, to mature bonsai, sundries etc.

There will be an educational section with ongoing demonstrations throughout the four days of the show, plans for these currently include the following, with more subjects to be announced nearer the start of the show.

  • Growing Bonsai from basics.
  • The Bonsai Styles.
  • Styling using 'clip and grow'.
  • Wiring techniques.
  • Potting techniques.
  • Construction of Kusamono and Shitakusa plantings,
  • Looking after your Indoor and outdoor Bonsai.

We will also be doing some events aimed at young children, in order to nurture future Bonsai enthusiasts.